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24/7 Quick, Easy, Affordable TeleHealth Coverage - Anytime from Anywhere

24/7 access to U.S. Board-Certified Medical Doctors anywhere you are.

Individual membership starts as low as $20 /month with a one time enrollment fee of $99.

Secure & Confidential

Confidential & Private
No Social Security (SSN) required

Local Primary Care can treat you for over 300 symptoms!

Including, but not limiting the following



Common Cold


Sore throat



Metabolic Syndrome

Talk to a doctor from anywhere and at anytime.

Your prescription is sent to the nearest pharmacy.

Benefit from discounts of up to 90% on your medication just for being a member of Local Primary Care.

What is Local Primary Care?

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How can Telehealth services like Local Primary Care help slow the spread of pandemics and COVID-19?

  • A Medical Diagnosis From Home
  • Reducing the chance of spreading infection
  • Freeing Resources for Critical Coronavirus Patients
  • Real Medical Doctor Advice Before Emergency Room Trips
Local Primary Care Coronavirus updates

The Benefits of Local Primary Care, Digital Health Appointments & Telemedicine Are Unmatched

+ Save time

Save time

By taking your doctor visits online, you don’t have to drive to an appointment, wait in a waiting room, or wait hours or days to get an appointment in the first place. Imagine being able to have the answers you seek within minutes – that’s the power of telemedicine!

+ Get easier access to care

Get easier access to care

With our services, you get access to care from any place at any time. Whether you are traveling, live or work in rural areas, or simply don’t have access to a car, you can still consult with a doctor when you need it. Your virtual consultation can take place no matter the time of day – on a lunch break, on the weekend, even in the middle of the night.

+ Save money

Save money

Telemedicine is typically the most inexpensive option as opposed to co-pays for in-person doctor visits, urgent care or emergency room visits. With one low-cost monthly payment, you’ll get unlimited virtual doctor visits for you or your family.

+ Get the right care right away

Get the right care right away

Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, you’ll be matched with a physician, therapist, dermatologist or pediatrician for your consultation. Plus, our à la carte “Message a Specialist” option allows you to speak with a specialist. Going the traditional route would typically mean you’d need to visit your primary care physician and then get a referral to a specialist, but telemedicine gets you to the right doctor right away.

Easy, Affordable and Convenient Telehealth Service

No more office visits

Digital Health appointments mean you don’t expose yourself to a waiting room full of sick people. Telehealth services for non-essential medical appointments will be the new normal.

Costs less than 95% of co-pays.

Almost 75% less than a visit to urgent care, in-pharmacy clinics, and Emergency Rooms for basic symptoms.

A Real Doctor and A Real Diagnosis

Get diagnosed and receive a customized treatment plan and an e-prescription (if needed) so you can be on your way to feeling better.

Privacy Policy. Local Primary Care and its subsidiary Mi Doctor A La Mano is committed to ensuring that your personal and contact information, including medical history is protected and kept confidential at all times. We will never sell, rent, or share your information with anyone, including third parties or government agencies. The information you provide to Local Primary Care and Mi Doctor A La Mano is secure and protected which is designed to protect the confidentiality and security of all your personal information.