How Local Primary Care Can Help Stop the Spread of Viruses and Pandemics




The Coronavirus continues to spread. As many fear this new virus, however, telehealth services like Local Primary Care can be of support by providing information and remote diagnosis.

How does the virus spread?

Concerns about the coronavirus are rising as the number of infections keeps increasing. Fear continues to circulate amongst those who have traveled to the affected regions or are afraid of being in contact with those who have been affected.

The virus can be spread by person to person contact. This new virus has sparked fear of a global pandemic.

What is the impact of the coronavirus so far?

As of this week, there have been 76,262 cases confirmed globally and about 2,100 deaths have been reported due to the coronavirus. At the moment there is no vaccine for this virus that continues to spread throughout China in the Hubei region, where it is believed that the virus originated.

A new report discovered that the coronavirus has a similar structure to the common cold, but the symptoms can be more like influenza — fever, cough, and breathing difficulties that can lead to pneumonia.

Is there a vaccine or cure for the coronavirus?

While there isn’t a cure to the coronavirus yet China is using technology to help fight the disease from spreading. Currently, they are using a 5G network that is virtually diagnosing for the virus. In the United States, many are turning to telehealth for medical attention, diagnosis, and observations especially those who may have been exposed to the virus.

Why Telehealth?

As technology consumes us every year telehealth services are being used more and more by consumers. Through telehealth services like Local Primary Care patients are able to easily receive an evaluation and treatment all remotely.

Local Primary Care offers certified doctors who can screen for a range of conditions from the comfort of your home which prevents patients from being exposed to germs, bacterias or new infections while waiting in a hospital or clinic.

Local Primary Care offers a quick diagnosis and treatment while saving time and money at the same time. This approach is efficient and effective for patients while improving access to healthcare.

During the coronavirus outbreak, Local Primary Care can help patients who are experiencing symptoms get quick access to a doctor who can screen them without having to actually go to a hospital where they might face exposing others or being exposed to other viruses.

Although doctors can’t diagnose for the coronavirus remotely, they can answer questions regarding your symptoms, and advise on what steps should be taken next.

They can even help eliminate the possibility that you have coronavirus symptoms. Resourcing to telehealth services has been of help for patients during the yearly influenza season. Using Local Primary Care patients can easily call, video chat, or message a doctor and get a consultation within minutes from anywhere they are.

There is no more need to have to wait long hours in a waiting room, or even weeks just to get a consultation. If you’re feeling sick, have a fever, cough or are just not feeling yourself, Local Primary Care promises to be your fastest and most affordable healthcare option.

Local Primary Care can treat you for over 300 symptoms!

Including, but not limiting the following



Common Cold


Sore throat



Metabolic Syndrome

You do everything from the comfort of your home.

We send the prescription to your nearest pharmacy

Plus you benefit from discounts of up to 90% on your medication just for being a member of Local Primary Care.

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